Bitty Breath Basket


Little masks for little bugs!

The Bitty makes sure the little ones can breathe easy and comfortably! Professionally made masks in fun, bright colors and high quality fabrics that will make wearing a mask all day more bearable.

100% cotton face mask designed for all day wear with metal nose piece and choice of adjustable tie style. Designed to fit kiddos 3-6 and 7-12 (or petite teens), this style stays away from the mouth and gives the wearer room to breathe and talk without pulling down or shifting.

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  • 2 layers of 100% cotton plus filter pocket (3 layers total)
  • Channel for replaceable nose piece (although little faces often don’t need these)
  • Large space for talking and broader air pocket
  • Multiple tie options for your preferred fit

The outer mask is washable, and the inner filter layer can be removed and washed with soap and water by hand.

(NOTE: Do not iron, autoclave, or wash the filter insert in high heat, as polypropylene will melt above 200 degrees.

Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × .25 in



Blue Stars, Red Stars, Hungry Caterpillar, Pastel Dots, Pink Flowers, Dark Pink, Rainbow Sky, Rainbow Stripes, Space, Watermelon


Ear loops, Head bands


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